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     This is a site of adventure, dreams, and hope. That is simply done by providing healthy, cost effective options with education that may otherwise be unknown to the general public. On a small farm not far from Rio Dulce Guatemala, lies a major contribution to those who happen by to discover Frutas del Mundo. Thousands of people have driven by a little roadside stand by this name and bought fruit trees and medicinal plant extracts but not discovered the source or the man behind it to see the example he has set, lived and shared with the local population for almost 20 years.

     Our objective is that people will see this and realize the true rewards and potential of how you can wake up in the morning and see how saving the rainforest can taste, be profitable and look so good. Anyone who has studied global warming and the rapid changes globally, will realize that what Dwight has done, could, if done on a global scale, reverse seemingly irreversible consequences.

    While exploring this site you will learn many things about having more by living on less, about fruits beyond them being tasty treats that are good for you. You will learn the origins of many of them, what makes them special and unique, what they can cure and how, how they can provide for you. Last but not least, you will see how you can convert your property into a self sustaining, eco friendly tropical paradise by utilizing alternative energy, edible landscaping, composting and much more. We provide these and many other services. The sky is the limit and you can keep it clean for future generations.

    Please take a few minutes of your time to explore this site and learn, imagine, and see how YOU can make a difference, then follow your heart and act on it! But don't stop there, keep in touch with us and share what you know. I am, that's why you see this web site now.

Thank you for dropping in!
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